Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Short Story for Children

I was going through my stuff and found this story I'd written for my fourth graders several years ago. This was supposed to be used for a Reading Comprehension. I would love to do more short stories for kids. Needs editing, but here goes..

A Magical Mystery

Once upon a time, there lived a small boy named Mustafa. He belonged to a poor family. His father was a farmer and his mother, a tailor. He went to a school in the village.

Mustafa was a clever boy. He was fond of magic. He would often boast to his friends that he had magical powers. His friends did not believe him.

One day a strange thing happened. The children were playing in the park. After some time they were very tired. So they sat under the shade of a huge tree. They looked at Mustafa who was sitting alone by the bank of the river. He was playing a beautiful tune on his pipe. Suddenly, he vanished!

Everyone thought he had fallen in the river and drowned. They were horrified. They started screaming for help. Some of them ran to call the villagers. The villagers came running to the river bank. One of them jumped into the river to save Mustafa.

Suddenly they heard some music. They turned around to see a boy sitting under a tree. A little girl recognized him. He was Mustafa! Everyone was delighted to see him alive! They started clapping and cheering loudly. They wondered how he had survived. All his friends were curious. They asked him, ‘Mustafa, how did you reach here?’ Mustafa was silent, he only smiled...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Did you do YOUR bit?

Why do you mourn her death now, when it’s too late? Can you bring her back? What did YOU do to prevent this from happening? What did you do to prevent any other woman from being a victim?
The other day when you were in a rush to meet your friends, didn’t you hear your neighbour abuse his wife, and kids?
Did you ring the bell and stop him?
Did you seek out the kids later and give them any courage?
Did you inform the cops when you saw the broken jaw, the black and blue scars she was trying to hide?
Did you protect your own mother when she was being abused? Cussed? Beaten up?
Didn’t you ignore the black eye of the domestic maid servant?
Did you call up an NGO?
Did you make an effort to at least find out NGOs that can help?
Did you help create awareness about domestic violence and take steps to prevent it?  
Did you DO something other than ‘sharing’ posts and RTing?
Did you do ANYTHING, except helplessly exclaiming ‘Tch, tch, what is the world coming to?’

-A victim

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Goodbye, Sandpaper man!

“Let’s go on a movie date”, said he,

I’ll pick you up at eight.”

He shot me a meaningful glance.

My heart skipped a beat,

And did the lambada dance

“Finally” I thought, “we move to second base”,

And coyfully, lowered my gaze

Recoiled at what I saw

Violently I dropped my jaw

 “I’m a woman of today,” I said,

“I prefer smooth to uncouth,

Manscape over a barbarian ape!

So if you think you can seduce me

with your day-long stubble,

I’m afraid your dreams will join

that sky-high rubble.

You really want that date?

I’ll give you until eight,

Mow down your abrasive sod,

And prepare yourself 

to meet my well-spa’ed hot bod

Later that evening:

Manscaped man showed up at the door

Manicured fingers and eyes ran a scan

Over the groomed chin I so adore

“Goodbye Sandpaper man,”

 I moved closer and whis-purred,

“Second is just a number,

Let’s just skip to the third.”

Movie tickets and the lingerie,

Lost no time in joining the floor.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Short-lived Adventure!

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I spotted a man
Hovering suspiciously beside a van,
I said, "Here's my once in a lifetime shot at adventure."
So I followed him around
Until I found,
That the poor old guy was only 
looking for his dentures!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer 2010

56 days, 10 movies, 8 blog posts, 7 1/2 books, 3 reunions, 1 Tuesday Pick, 1 play, 1 blog meet, countless love, homecooked food, endless hours on Facebook and Twitter, a long impending end, and a new beginning...
Does my vacation have to really really end?

Monday, September 06, 2010

Headlines 2020- Facebook kills the reunions

So thanks to Facebook, Orkut and other social networking communities, I had a blast with the past. Nice to catch up with people, squeal  in excitement and at times in shock to see how your friends have turned out. And yeah, catch up with them finally after so many years.

I sometimes wonder how people managed to stay in touch before the advent of social networking sites. How effective really were alumni associations?

With all and sundry now being connected on social networking sites, you KNOW what's happening with your friends, on a daily basis. You know where they've been, you know how they look like, you know what they do, what they do for a living, relationship status, employment history, et al. How will reunions look like, 10 years from now? Will there be reunions at all? Won't social networking take the whole fun out of reunions?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teacher's Day

Who is/was your favourite teacher, and why? Post your tweets @mumbaiteacher or email your entries to Sub line- My favourite teacher. 

All your entries will be posted on on 5th September, Teachers' Day. Hurry!! Send in your entries before 2nd September, 2010.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toeragz on BlogAdda

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! My blog post Once upon a time has been selected by BlogAdda @ as one of the top posts for 'Tangy Tuesday Picks'.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Once upon a time

A not-so little bird, happy and gay

Once looked up in the sky,

Saw birds flying high above,

Twittering and chirping away.

She wanted to be with them,

Know new birds and trees,

She went and met their Chief,

He welcomed her,

And put her at ease.

So she left her lovely nest,

In search of a new one,

But when she reached there,

She saw the birds,

Who once she thought, were so much fun,

Had not kept up in the race of evolution.

She remembered her lovely nest,

And sang a beautiful song,

But all the birds looked at her

And said her song was wrong

She felt terribly sad,

In her grief,

She went to the Chief,

And asked him to help fix things,

He said all would be OK,

The bird found her wings.

As we read the poem,

She still waits and wonders,

Will she lose her voice?

Or will she rejoice?