Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Weird and Whacky!

A friend of mine sent this site to me. A few minutes on the site and I ended up feeling very queer. It had me hypnotized for a while. It's Weird with a capital W. I found it difficult to get to sleep that night, and no, I know it was no exam anxiety.

Just make sure your sound is turned up before you check out this weird and whacky site. I have no idea what it is all about, but it sure is very weird!
Welcome to Zombo com!

I'll stick to link blogging until after my exams..


  1. Looks like an announcement in Gemini Circus :)

  2. Belated happy women's day :) will check out the link..but ur post kinda scared me..

  3. mmmmmmmm...really WIERD :)

  4. Hey Nice Blog U got out here. All teh best for ur exams. What u studying BTW?

  5. Did check this link out. It felt like I was out in the sun for a longggg time 'n got into a pretty dark room. dunno y *&@$%()^%*

    All the very best for your exam(whatever exam it is)! :)

  6. YEahhhhhh..Prabhu, Prabha, Krish, Prasad the site is truly weird! Im still reeling under it's effect:(
    I wonder what's the point in making such sites :-( Any ideas anyone?

    LOLZ Praveen

    Welcome Bablu! Glad u liked the site

    Can't agree more with u Xena.
    BTW, I'm appearing for my T.Y.B.A:P