Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Once upon a time

A not-so little bird, happy and gay

Once looked up in the sky,

Saw birds flying high above,

Twittering and chirping away.

She wanted to be with them,

Know new birds and trees,

She went and met their Chief,

He welcomed her,

And put her at ease.

So she left her lovely nest,

In search of a new one,

But when she reached there,

She saw the birds,

Who once she thought, were so much fun,

Had not kept up in the race of evolution.

She remembered her lovely nest,

And sang a beautiful song,

But all the birds looked at her

And said her song was wrong

She felt terribly sad,

In her grief,

She went to the Chief,

And asked him to help fix things,

He said all would be OK,

The bird found her wings.

As we read the poem,

She still waits and wonders,

Will she lose her voice?

Or will she rejoice?


  1. Some deep meanings there...
    I do not know the answer... please let me know if you have one..

  2. ah ha well no idea what she will get hope you tell me the ansr though cause got me intrigued now ...

  3. m all curious now for gods sake!

  4. nice, this can apply to any situation. but the bird must learn that everything changes except change.
    she might have new neighbours who could have thought her song was wrong...

    change within is evolving..
    congrats on the pick:)